L-litter from kennel "von Königsmark"

Kessy's (Kessy von Königsmark) puppies are there!

Here they are (1 black female is still missing on this photo)

1 Schwarzschimmel male (unfortunately he died the 3rd day)

2 black males

1 brown male

1 brown female

3 black females



Malou's (Diana vom Schlossgraben) puppies are there!

We are very happy as Malou gave birth to 11 wonderful puppies, two of them are male!

Emir visited Kessy von Königsmark for mating

Kenya's 5 week old puppies

Many thanks to Benny Fischer for the amazing pictures!!

Diana vom Schlossgraben ("Malou") was here and we are waiting for the next litter at the end of May

Kenya's litter arrived

Kenya's litter (18.03.2015)!


8 puppies - unfortunately 1 was dead 

4 black (1 male 3 females)

3 brown (2 males 1 female)

here the link to the kennel:



for further photos click here!

Kenya was here in Jan. - converting plans to reality!

Family Staal visited us with  Kenya (http://www.kennelstaal.dk/6035623) to get to know Emir and see if he would be a good choice as a studdog for Kenya.

We agreed that we will try to produce a litter with Emir and Kenya in her upcoming heat beginning 2016.

The success of enthusiasm and continuous work of Mr. Hubertus Högemann (kennel “von der Hansburg”, on the left) was presented on the stud dog presentation on the 9th of June 2013 in Schloss Pommersfelden at the 125 year celebration of the „Fränkischer Verein Detusch-Kurzhaar“. The 3 black German Shorthair Pointers Dingo, Emir KS and David KS von der Hansburg (from left to right)


first litter

Deep frozen sperm of Emir was used in Finnland. The DK bitch TAKAPELLON SARA (FIN22641/06) had a litter with 4 puppies, unfortunately the last one did not survive. 




Soooo   macht man das