German short haired pointer stud dog Emir

Emir KS von der Hansaburg, ZB-Nr.: 022509, Schw.m.Brst, born 19.11.08

D1 S1 VGP1 333P BTR IKP1  SW1 HN   HDA2


Arthus KS von der Rietberger Ems 0154/00, mother: Bea KS von der Hansaburg 1035/01

The young, elegant black male dog, Emir von der Hansaburg was born on the 19.11.2008.

His mother is Bea KS von der Hansaburg, grandmother is Yana KS von der Hansaburg, and his grandfather is the well-known stud dog Pax von der Wege. Within Bea’s litter there were 5 puppies, 4 of them were able to achieve the title KS. The bitch Bonny was sold to Greece to a first-time dog handler after the initial exams. In the history of short hair pointer breeding there is no example that from a litter of 5, 4 times the KS title was achieved. For the D and E – litter the stud dog Arthus KS von der Rietberger Ems was used.


AS from the beginning of his training, Emir was characterized by is easy to steer characteristics as well as by his high concentration capabilities on the blood tracks. Obviously no fortunate coincidence because this special characteristic was also found with his brothers and sisters: Eyko, a brother from the same litter graduated the 20 as well as the 40 hour track achieving a 1st price and being the winner of this exam. Also 4 brothers and sisters from the D-litter (David, Dingo, Donko and Daisy) received the 1st price on the 20 hour track – David and Dingo were exam winners. Like his bothers and sisters also Emir stood out because of his excellent achievement working in water: On the 25th IKP (international short hair pointer examination) Emir became the title of best male dog and the grading 4H for his work in water.


So far Emir was not used as stud dog, preparation for the first use is ongoing. In terms of characteristic of this dog, mental balance and his clam are extraordinary. Emir is used to kennel, car as well as apartment and is a pleasing, easy to guide dog


Breeder: Hubertus Högemann, Tecklenburger Str. 21, 26169 Friesoythe, Telephone: +49-4491/40744

Owner: Dr. Bernd Stratmann, Am Vilser Holz 17, 27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Telephone: +49-4252/901905 or +49-172/4204242. 


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