Examination performance

Short hair winner (KS) 


D1, S1, VGP1 333P  BTR  IKP1  HN  HDA2

form value: V


DGStB-Nr.: 62414


under the following WEB address you find explantion for the appreviations:


Dr. Kleemann breed selection examination 2012

40th Dr. Kleeman breed selsetion 2012 from 13th to 16th of September 2012 in Altwarmbüchen/Hannover

audit manager: Michael Hannerer

local audit management: Michael Heinze


Translation from the referee report:

testee 25 Emir von der Hansaburg, dog handler: Hubertus Högemann, form value sg, passed KS

Emir demonstrates solid, very good performances in the field and in the water. He is reliable and always works in intensive contact to the dog handler. Emir searches systematically, finds the game (partridges) and points perfectly. Excellent calm behaviour when shooting.

Same picture continued in the water. He searches continously, keeps contact, finds the hiding duck and apports correcty after the shot. Obedience and teamwork with the dog handler ist very good. 


IKP international shorthaired pointer exam 2011

Report of the IKP 2011 from 13. to 15.10.2011 in Surwold / Emsland (http://www.deutsch-kurzhaar.de/rb-2011.htm)

Pr.Nr. 34, 0225/09, Emir von der Hansaburg, Fw. V, 1. price, dog handler: Hubertus Högemann:

"In the first search the dog was not convincing. In the next go, when there was contact with game, the dog was not recognizable. The dog finds a fasan, points perfect, and is odedient when shooting. Also the next search is very good. With laid-out game there are no problems.

Water – after a single order the dog enters the water (slides into the water like an otter) and searches the reed zone tot he left as well as to the right. The dog swims to the nearest isle, intensively searches on the isle, after that without command swims to the far away isle (150 – 180m). After intensively searching this isle, the dog swims to a further isle, searches this isle and finds the duck there and apports it. Apport and pegging out are ok. This was a perfect job.


Zeugnisse /certificates
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